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Meaning, Authenticity and Purpose (MAP) should be discovered, not taught. With this in mind we focus on cultivating meaningful experiences for our clients in order to facilitate exploration, whilst supporting you on this journey of self-discovery.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every individual desires to grow and explore their potential, but can lack the self-awareness and skills needed to achieve this.


The one defining factor that facilitates growth is the ability to navigate change. In our world we call this ‘transition’. During moments of transition we often have to make a choice without fully knowing the consequences of our actions, and this can create anxiety and fear.


We call ourselves ‘M-A-P’ because we believe that exploring our Meaning, Authenticity and Purpose helps us to successfully navigate transitions, leading us to enhanced performance, better well-being and mental health and the realisation of our potential. 

Why choose M-A-P?

With over 16 years experience working with elite sporting teams and businesses, including Premiership football clubs, Olympic athletes and professional service companies, we have extensive experience in helping people navigate transition to improve their performance.

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