Experience Days

Creating time and space

Sometimes an hour or two is simply not enough time in which to explore some of the core themes in detail (we could talk about these things all day!). We also believe that there will be times where the office is not an environment conducive to these types of deep, meaningful, and honest conversations.


This is why we are big advocates of Experience Days, providing an immersive experience for our clients away from the office (yes, we encourage no emails too!), where we focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature, to ensure you can engage in the absence of stress (at least we hope with less stress!). We find that this helps people view the same challenge differently.


Our Experience Days provide us with the time and space to engage with you individually (perhaps a walk and talk through the surrounding countryside) and on a group level. The group sessions have a different feel, where people are permitted, and feel more open, to demonstrate vulnerability. We find this is an excellent way to facilitate challenging and thought provoking conversations between key members of the team.


Here we also encourage storytelling. We will share our stories (personal and professional) and encourage you to share your own – meeting vulnerability with vulnerability. 

Explore Your Potential