High Performance Coaching

Challenge, reflection and growth

Our High Performance Coaching is underpinned by Existential theory (it’s not as scary as it sounds we promise!). During these sessions we strive to find the optimal balance between challenge and support to facilitate opportunities for reflection and growth. These sessions are always confidential, which allows us to take the time to build a strong professional relationship, underpinned by respect and trust, to help you become the best you.


One-to-one support: designed to help you navigate change across a variety of contexts including work and broader life, to enhance performance, well-being, mental health, personal development, and help you realise your potential.

Team coaching: focused on creating a psychological safe space for you to explore inter-group relationships, group values, collective strengths, connection, and to encourage effective communication and feedback through meaningful conversation and collaboration.

Individualised and bespoke support for your leaders: we educate and support your leaders to create nourishing cultures and sub-cultures. Here we coach the coach and help them develop high levels of self-awareness and self-knowledge. We support them so they are better placed to support their wider team.

Explore Your Potential