Our Philosophy

Limitless potential and infinite purpose


It is our belief that everyone wants to grow and explore their potential, but most of the time lack the self-awareness and skills to achieve this. In our experience, the one defining factor that facilitates growth is the ability to navigate change successfully. In our world, we call change ‘transition’.


Transitions are an inevitable part of life. They can be big or small, positive or negative and are associated with anxiety, created when people explore who they are and how they fit into their environment. Usually, during moments of transition, people are expected to make a choice without fully knowing the consequences of their actions. In our experience this unknown creates fear, and it is how people choose to respond to this fear and uncertainty which defines transitional success.


We call ourselves M-A-P because we believe Meaning, Authenticity and Purpose help people navigate transitions, leading to the enhancement of performance, well-being, mental health and the realisation of potential. Developing deep levels of self-knowledge helps you understand who you are, why you are and how you choose to respond to change. This can be a challenging journey to face alone.


At M-A-P we feel it is important you have access to people you can trust, and we are here to guide you through this journey. Using our expertise, experience, and knowledge we have a proven track record, from working in elite environments, developing individuals, groups and organisations. Our passion is people. We can support you in attracting, retaining and developing talented people, to help you gain a competitive advantage in what is a highly competitive industry.



We strongly believe that M-A-P (Meaning, Authenticity and Purpose) are fundamental human needs, which should be met at both an individual and cultural level. That is why they have been central  to our philosophy and approach when working with all of our clients. We have seen first-hand how alignment to these concepts provides people with the opportunity to grow; enhancing performance, improving well-being and becoming happier and healthier.


Understanding your M-A-P will have an impact on your daily lived experience, providing you with a clearer personal and cultural narrative (i.e. what you think is possible, who you are and who you want to be) as you navigate change throughout your life.

Our ‘Human Potential Framework’ lies at the very core of our unique approach.


Meaning, Authenticity, and Purpose (M-A-P) lead to the interactive enhancement of performance, well-being, mental health and the realisation of potential.


Navigating transitions, at both an individual and organisation level, can provide an opportunity for growth (M-A-P), but this opportunity is often ignored due to the anxiety associated with these difficult moments, meaning that potential is very rarely achieved.

Individuals and organisations must accept the responsibility and freedom they have when choosing how to respond to the anxiety associated with transitions, which requires courage in the face of uncertainty and the unknown.

Avoidance of this responsibility might provide short-term comfort, but this often comes at the expense of long-term growth and development.


Meaning can be created through the interaction of the individual with the wider organisation, as long as the environment allows for authenticity, vulnerability and community, to create a sense of belonging to something bigger than oneself.



Authenticity requires high levels of self-knowledge (understanding of beliefs and values), which can act as a compass for individuals navigating transitions; encouraging them to create shared meaning and connection with others.



Purpose is the enactment of meaning through behaviour and should be achieved through a balanced identity, as well as a focus on the process underpinning a desired outcome.

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