Educational Experiences

Collaborative learning

Our Educational Experiences are designed and delivered with your needs in mind. Here we aim to provide you with the time and space to reflect on the answers you already have to the questions we pose. These educational experiences are also a perfect opportunity for us to introduce you to new concepts aligned to our M-A-P framework, and discuss the extent to which these ideas resonate with you and your broader environment.

Our core sessions are always interactive, are usually built around a central theme and are delivered through innovative and creative methods.


Topics include:

Authenticity, Identity, and Vulnerability

Navigating Change (Transitions and Critical Moments)

Anxiety, Responsibility, Freedom, and Decision making 

Self-awareness, Self-knowledge, and Reflective Practice

Cultural Competence

Creating Meaning Purposefully (what is your ‘why?’ and ‘how?’)

Explore Your Potential